Alright there, sunshine?

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Janice Earls, 22. From Detroit, but living everywhere else.

I’m letting myself and my emotions be controlled by you. I am completely miserable and have been for thirty hours straight. I love you but if you don’t want to talk I can’t let myself become depressed over it and waste anymore time because I am drained completely my brain feels like this hazy mush and I can’t pick myself up off this couch because of the stress I feel from our fight and how it ended. And I hate every second of how I’m feeling rn and it’s because of the extremes we go through and the games. It’s not normal it isn’t healthy. I find myself feeling all sorts of different emotions and half of them negative and I can’t do this. I love you so much it hurts so much. But you block me because of a fight that honestly was nothing no where as bad as others and that’s that? Then I guess our relationship how ever minimal it is now that we aren’t together means literally nothing if you can throw it away over something we do something we have always done and will always do. It’s the way it is I suppose it’s the way it will be. I have to stop trying to reach you because not reaching you drives me to such sadness. But if I never try then eventually that sadness will never be. I feel like going to bed again and I’ve been awake for hours. Maybe getting used to you being gone is what I need. I wish you well in all that you do. I hope you are well as I know this is our true farewell, goodnight sweetie sweet dreams.

Where are all the fans of hating relationships yo my tumblr dash doesn’t match my life right now

Reading your ex’s blog post about their other ex gfs blog is weird. And since it was so long ago I feels like they would think it juvenile